How did the Taliban spokesman respond to the BBC announcer regarding “interpretation of the Qur’an”?

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publish date 2021-09-04 09:38:03

Muhammad Naeem, a member of the Taliban’s political bureau and a spokesman for the office, denied rumors about preventing women from leaving to work in Afghanistan.

He said in an interview with the program “Blaqiud” on “BBC” channel; The movement did not prevent girls from going for education, nor did it prevent women from going out on television.

When the announcer asked the Taliban spokesman a question about: “Who explains Sharia in a country with a large illiteracy rate? Do you have a monopoly on the interpretation of Sharia regarding women’s rights?” He replied, “Do we interpret the Qur’an in your opinion? Are you the one who will explain and explain the Qur’an to us?”

In previous media statements, Naim said; His movement is committed to women’s rights, human rights, and minorities, and affirmed its keenness on educating Afghan women and their right to work, but all of this must be in accordance with Sharia regulations.

During his interview with “BBC”, Naim stressed that they will not allow the presence of foreign forces in their country, and that they do not need them, stressing at the same time their desire to establish links with all countries of the world on the basis of the international community.

A member of the Taliban’s Political Bureau expressed their desire to solve the problems with the Panjshir district through dialogue without resorting to force.

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