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The law of the House of Representatives approves the “cybercrime” project, despite the discontent of the street

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publish date 2023-07-25 23:01:00

On Tuesday evening, the Parliamentary Legal Committee approved the draft cybercrime law for the year 2023, according to the Jordan News Agency, Petra.

During the past days, the Parliamentary Legal Committee held a series of meetings for dialogue on the draft cybercrime law.

Parliament Speaker Ahmed Al-Safadi affirmed that the parliament supports freedom of opinion and expression, freedom of the media and the press, and acceptance of other opinions and constructive criticism that leads to achieving the public interest, but at the same time we must stand by tightening the punishment and fines against abusers and practitioners of extortion and targeting society and its safety.

The head of the Legal Committee, Representative Ghazi Al-Thunaibat, also affirmed that the draft law will not affect the basic freedoms and rights guaranteed by the constitution, and that it will not place restrictions on those seeking the truth, indicating that opening the door to discussion and dialogue on the articles of the law and listening to all points of view aims to crystallize a comprehensive vision that contributes to enriching and improving the articles of the draft law.

Acknowledgment despite the objection of the street

The approval of the legal committee for the draft law comes despite the presence of widespread objections in the Jordanian street, the latest of which was a massive stand in front of the House of Representatives hours before the approval.

Unions, political parties, human rights and popular activists called on the House of Representatives to restore the law, which was described as a new form of martial law.

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