Al-Safara series..Why is “Shafiq” an example of a farfush father who loves his children?

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During this period, many viewers follow the series “Al-Safara”, which revolves around Shafiq “Ahmed Amin”, who works as a tour guide and finds a pharaonic whistle that takes him back in time, to use it to return to the moment that changed his life in the future.

On one occasion, Shafiq went back in time and his life changed, and he found himself the husband of the manager’s widowed sister, who has three children.

Shafiq gives a distinguished example of a father who treats his children with love until he succeeded in establishing a distinguished friendship with them, for several factors, namely:

He hears them well

The most important thing that distinguishes Shafiq “Ahmed Amin”, in his dealings with his ex-wife’s children, is that he listens to them well, and makes them express their feelings, which helped to strengthen the relationship between him and them with the passage of time, so they began to deal with him as their father.

The whistle series

He encourages them

The most important thing that distinguishes Shafiq also is his constant encouragement of his ex-wife’s children, and this was evident through his attendance at the “Handball” match in which the children participated, to encourage them until they were able to win.

Shafiq interacts with one of the children
Shafiq interacts with one of the children

They share everything

The most important characteristic of Shafiq’s relationship with his ex-wife’s children is his keenness to share with the children all their happy and sad moments, which helped strengthen his relationship with them over time.

He makes them happy and they do shopping together

He is keen to walk with them in the gardens and play with them, as well as shop with them in the various shops, which made them have a strong relationship with the passage of time.

Shafiq talking to a parent
Shafiq talking to a parent

And the series “Al-Safara” starring Ahmed Amin, Taha Desouki, Aya Samaha, Samia Trabelsi, Hatem Salah, Mohamed Radwan, Mahmoud El-Bazawy, Inaam Salousa, Maria Osama, Rania Abdel Nasser, Walid Abdel-Ghany, Walaa Kaddah, and a special appearance by Mahmoud El-Bazawy, Samia Trabelsi and Mohamed Radwan and guests of honor Hassan Abdel-Fattah, Mohamed Toaima, and the work is authored by a writing workshop that includes Sarah Hejres, Sherif Abdel-Fattah and Abdel-Rahman Gawish, directed by Alaa Ismail and produced by media Hub Saadi and Gohar.


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