His release on Monday..Preparations inside to receive the prisoner Sheikh Raed Salah

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The Compass – The Israeli occupation authorities are scheduled to release the leader of the banned northern Islamic movement inside the occupied Palestinian territories, the captive Sheikh Raed Salah, on Monday after the end of his sentence.

The Higher Follow-up Committee for Arabs in the occupied Palestinian interior, its Freedoms Committee, Umm al-Fahm People’s Committee and the family of Sheikh Raed Salah announced in a joint statement issued on Wednesday that Sheikh Salah will be released next Monday.

A statement issued by the committees and the Sheikh’s family stated that “the reception of Salah” begins at the end of Street 6, at the entrance to the village of Kafr Qara, with a convoy of cars escorting him to the city of Umm al-Fahm, where the timing will be announced on the same day of the release.
Lawyer Khaled Zabarka said in an exclusive statement to “Safa” news agency on Thursday that the committee decided to deal with Monday as a day to release Sheikh Salah, according to the law.
He added about the occupation authorities confirming or informing them of his release, “it was only reported that there are estimates of his release, because according to the law the date of his release begins on December 13 and every day after this date he is expected to be released, but usually the release takes place on the first day after the end of his sentence. “.

As part of the preparations to receive Sheikh Salah, the Follow-up Committee’s statement indicated that “a press conference was organized in the Oasis Resort, in which the celebrated Sheikh Salah, the Head of the Follow-up Committee Muhammad Baraka, the Head of the Freedoms Committee Kamal Khatib, and the speech of the defense staff and the Umm al-Fahm municipality spoke.”
He stated that “the Palestinian interior is preparing to receive His Eminence Sheikh Raed Salah next Monday, unless the prison administration decides otherwise, after serving his unjust sentence in what is known as the file of constants, for which the Sheikh was unjustly imprisoned for his background and he paid the price of his persistence in preserving the constants of our people.” Our nation, and the price of his defense of the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque and the pure and honest Islamic and patriotic concepts as inherited by our people and our nation from a great to a great.”
The statement called on the participants in the convoy to stop their cars in the parking lot adjacent to the gas station at the entrance to the village of Qara.
He explained that “well-wishers will be received from the noon prayer at 12 noon, until nine in the evening, from Monday, December 13 until Saturday, December 18, and at the rest of the times, women will be received.”
The defense team of Sheikh Salah had sent a request to the occupation authorities, represented by his prison administration, to set a date for Sheikh Salah’s release, which the prison administration did not respond to and delayed it.
It is noteworthy that the occupation authorities had previously released Sheikh Salah suddenly in a previous detention and in an area cut off in the open in an attempt to undermine his will, steadfastness and position, which was condemned among the Palestinians who were preparing to receive him in a manner befitting his position.

On 18/8/2021, the Central Occupation Court responded to the request of the Occupation Public Prosecution and the Prisons Authority, to extend the solitary confinement of Sheikh Salah until the end of his sentence in the “constant file”, claiming that he “poses a threat to the security of the state and committed 3 violations by supporting an illegal organization ( The Islamic Movement, banned by Israel), and 3 offenses of incitement to terrorism.
Sheikh Salah has been imprisoned since August 16 of last year, and suffers from difficult conditions in the occupation prisons, in which he is serving a 28-month prison sentence, of which he spent 11 months.


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