4 reasons to choose pieces of meat with bones.. rich in natural collagen

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We always wonder about the piece of meat that is more tender and soft after cooking it. Each individual judges the piece of meat from his perspective, and from his love for a specific piece of meat. There are those who love sweat and eat it in the way of cold meat, and there are those who love the “tooth” because they see it as a soft piece and a distinctive soup comes from it, but what about the piece of meat that is adjacent to the bone, whether feathers or ribs, anatomically considered one of the best pieces because it is rich in vitamins, and it is free of harmful cholesterol, and from this standpoint the seventh day reviews some of the reasons Makes you eat nothing but the piece of meat attached to the bones, according to the site “wholey“.

a piece of meat

Full of nutrients

Some may think that a piece of bone is useless, although there were some families in the past who used to buy bones, with meat, to make a distinctive soup with a different taste, and it was called “Masoura” because it is a piece rich in nutrients and health benefits, which are found in the marrow.

Rich in collagen

Bones contain natural collagen, which has many health benefits for the body, skin, and hair, as it provides the body with the vitamins and minerals it needs, in addition to working on the freshness and rejuvenation of the skin, which is like an injection of Botox.

Lamb meat
Lamb meat

Distinctive in taste

The bone gives the meat a distinctive taste, and makes the meat a distinctive piece that “melts in the mouth” when eaten, as the bone effectively slows the transfer of heat to the meat, allowing the steak to retain its moisture and juiciness.

The shelf life of the meat is greater

The bone acts as a shield to protect the meat from rotting, as all high-quality dry beef is stuck to the bone, and having it in your fridge will also make the bones taste like fresh no matter how fresh they are.


Various cooking methods

One of the most distinctive features of this piece is that it can be cooked in more than one way, such as boiling and grilling, whether on charcoal or on a grill, and each method has a taste that distinguishes it from the other.


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