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A mass sit-in in front of the House of Representatives rejecting the Cybercrime Law (witness)

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publish date 2023-07-25 20:01:05

Freihat: The Reform bloc will abide by the coordination decisions to combat the draft law

Amman – Muhammad Al-Khawaja

Citizens staged a protest in front of the House of Representatives, on Tuesday, to demand the return of the draft cybercrime law.

Parties, journalists, and activists participated in the stand, which was called for by the “Coordinating Committee to withdraw the Cybercrime Law.” They demanded that the Council revoke it.

The participants chanted slogans describing the new draft law as a sword over freedoms, media and political action in Jordan.

In a speech during the vigil, the representative of the Reform bloc, Yanall Freihat, said that this law is a collection law, not a protection law, and I was the first to demand its return.

Freihat added that there are some positives in the draft law, but the poison is hidden in it, and warding off corruption takes precedence over bringing benefits, and the law is full of corruption.

He called on his fellow deputies to respond to the people’s demands. All unions and parties reject the draft law. So why are the members of the People’s Assembly still defending the law and the government?

He said that this law destroys the homeland and they want Jordan to be a big prison and we want freedom and pride for the people of Jordan and the Jordanians.

He confirmed the adoption of the Islah bloc and the Islamic Action Front party to the demands of coordination rejecting the draft cybercrime law.

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