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A Jordanian doctor: Research confirms that Omicron will be a divine vaccine for the world

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publish date 2022-01-08 13:18:29

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Dr. Hossam Abu Farsakh, a consultant histological and clinical diagnosis, said today, Saturday, that new research conducted in South Africa confirmed that the Omicron mutant is much less severe than other strains.

Abu Farsakh explained that the new research compared Omicron with other waves of other strains (alpha or delta), and it was found that the percentage of hospital admissions is less than half, and the percentage of those who contract pneumonia are 60% less, and the percentage of those who need oxygen are 80% less than other breeds.

The research also showed that the percentage of those who need artificial respiration is 90% less than other breeds, and the death rate is 0.1%, while it reached 19% of those who received treatment from other breeds.

Abu Farsakh said: “It remains to say that Omicron affects younger people more (perhaps because they are more in contact with other people), but it is also 50% less infecting those who suffer from chronic diseases. The hospital stay was also 5 days less (3 days for Micron compared to 8 days for the rest of the strains).

He pointed out that the country of South Africa began to recover from a large but short wave that came a month and a half before Omicron.

Abu Farsakh stressed that “this research gives another reason, filled with optimism, that Omicron will be a free divine vaccine for the world to get rid of this epidemic, God willing.”

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