The fun of ordinary moments.. a husband documents his daily life with his wife with simple drawings

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There are many who document their life by filming a video or writing a diary, but have you ever thought about drawing it, this is what Curtis Weakland, artist and photographer, did, as he shared his unique way of recording the moments of their daily lives with his wife and family, so the seventh day reviews a group of his drawings Which show the moments that you might think of as ordinary and routine but that can become poignant and meaningful memories in the years to come, and jot down some tips according to the site ” polo” As follows:

Put yourself in the spotlight

No matter how busy you are, remember to take the time to focus on your life together, highlight your relationship, think about what you said together, and what you love about each other.

sitting together

Remember to keep track of your memories

Do you have a “happy place” or activity that you do together, even in your dreams? Whether it’s walking outdoors or balancing on logs like you did when you were a kid, keep doing it, even if it’s daydreaming or talking about time together, it will still feel like being in that special place.

a trip
a trip

Make your home your own

Creating your first home together, is not only about balancing and coordinating the items you bought from the most famous and most expensive places, but the fact that you choose the household items and furniture that you will love and use in your home together, this is the meaning of sharing and love.

go to trip

go to trip

Do your own thing but be together

Sometimes that time when you relax before bed is the best time to be together but in your own way, this quiet time where you don’t have to talk while you read, write or draw is a special time for you to enjoy, the marriage relationship is more connected with such actions.

spend time together

spend time together

Enjoy everyday things

Yes, even those moments when your hair is messy and you both spit toothpaste out of your mouth can be special, there’s plenty of lighthearted fun to be had with each other.

Husband documents his life with his wife with drawings
Husband documents his life with his wife with drawings


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