The easiest way to make your own perfume at home.. Floral and citrus ingredients

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Perfumes are one of the basics that everyone loves and never dispenses with, even if it requires a special budget, but sometimes we do not find the fragrance that matches our needs exactly, so we review in the following lines the best ways that help women create a distinctive perfume at home with the fewest ingredients, according to what was stated in location stylecraze

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Aromatic recipe composed of essential oils:

2 1 tablespoon carrier oil (grapeseed, jojoba, sweet almond, or whatever you prefer)

6 tablespoons of alcohol

2.5 One tablespoon of bottled water

30 A drop of essential oil (9 top notes, 15 middle notes, 6 base notes)

small funnel

coffee filter

2 Clean dark glass bottle with airtight caps

Recipe using flowers:

Cut flowers cup

Medium bowl size with lid

2 A cup of distilled water


small vase

Washed and sterilized small glass bottle with airtight stopper

How to make your own rose perfume

First, gently wash the flower petals and remove any dirt with water

Then, steep the flowers overnight in a cheesecloth-lined container and cover with a lid to allow the plant extracts to infuse.

Then squeeze the bag of flowers over an extraction pot and simmer the extract until you have about a teaspoon of liquid left.

Then pour cold water into this liquid and fill it.

Homemade perfumery
Homemade perfumery

Citrus perfume recipe:

1 One tablespoon of jojoba oil

30 A drop of essential oils – grapefruit, sweet orange, peppermint, and chamomile/lavender blend

2 tablespoons of alcohol

1 One tablespoon of distilled water

Dark glass bowl

Small glass bowl

Glass perfume bottle

How to prepare

Add jojoba to the glass bowl

Then add the alcohol

For your essential oils

Drops of grapefruit

10 drops of sweet orange

5 drops of mint

5 drops of chamomile/lavender blend or lavender only

Use a dropper to add distilled water.

Mix the ingredients well

Then transfer it to a glass bowl

Then leave it for 48 hours or more .

Then transfer it to a perfume bottle once it has reached its desired scent

Jasmine perfume:

2 tablespoons of alcohol

1 One tablespoon of distilled water or blossom water

Essential oils – 30 drops of jasmine, 5 drops of lavender, 5 drops of vanilla

glass vial



Mix the essential oil blend with the alcohol in a glass bottle.

Then leave the mixture for two days

Then add distilled water or orange blossom water to the mixture and mix gently.

Then leave it for four weeks in a cool, dark place.

If you see any sediment, use a piece of cheesecloth to filter and pour the perfume into a spray bottle

Jasmine perfume
Jasmine perfume


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