Natural recipes for removing nail polish on Eid.. Its steps are simple and its ingredients are in your home

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Every now and then a woman needs to renew her nail polish according to the color of the clothes she wears, especially during Eid al-Adha when visiting relatives and hiking with friends in various recreational places, but the frequent use of acetone causes nails to weaken with the passage of time, and to avoid this problem we review in the report, natural recipes to remove Nail polish in simple steps. tomsofmaine“.

Natural recipes for removing nail polish

Lemon nail polish remover recipe

Lemon helps remove nail polish by placing a slice or lemon juice on the nails and leaving it until the coating softens before rubbing it.

Remove nail polish on holiday

Toothpaste and baking soda recipe to remove nail polish

Some people think that the tasks of toothpaste are limited to cleaning and polishing the teeth, but what some people do not know is that the paste can be used as a household cleaner to remove stains from clothes. It also helps to clean silver, copper, as well as chrome and other metals. It can also be used to remove nail polish by following simple steps, Put an amount of toothpaste in the nails mixed with baking soda, then rub the nail polish using cotton balls to remove the polish easily and apply a different color while maintaining the health of the nails and without taking a lot of time and effort.

Natural recipes to remove nail polish in the feast
Natural recipes to remove nail polish in the feast

Vinegar and orange juice recipe for removing nail polish

It is advised to mix orange juice with white vinegar in equal quantities, mix them together, dip a cotton ball in the mixture, then press on the nails with the cotton swab for 10 seconds until the polish softens, then pull the cotton pad to remove the polish.

Recipes to remove nail polish in the holiday
Recipes to remove nail polish in the holiday


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