The resumption of the Vienna negotiations .. and possible Israeli-American maneuvers that simulate striking nuclear facilities

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publish date 2021-12-09 17:31:47

Iran announced that it had not received any constructive proposal to advance the nuclear negotiations, accusing the European parties of being passive, while the Americans and Israelis are discussing maneuvers that simulate hitting Iranian nuclear facilities, in anticipation of the failure of the Vienna negotiations that resumed Thursday.

As the negotiations began, the chief Iranian negotiator, Ali Bagheri, said, “We continue our serious engagement in the negotiations and are determined to reach a good agreement that guarantees the rights and interests of the people.”

Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian said, in connection with the European Union’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell, that his country is serious about negotiations with the aim of reaching a good agreement, describing the Iranian proposals as fully consistent with the nuclear agreement and the understandings of previous rounds in Vienna.

The minister considered that the “negative” positions of the European countries are not constructive, and that they will complicate the situation and slow down the path to reaching the agreement, adding, “We have not received any constructive proposal for progress in the negotiations until now.”

Abdullahian stressed that Iran’s nuclear program is peaceful, and that removing concern from this program is directly related to the lifting of sanctions.

Abdullahian also indicated that Tehran is continuing its cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency, and that it will send a delegation to Vienna to meet with agency officials.

ISNA news agency quoted Iran’s Foreign Minister as saying that Tehran will stay in Vienna as long as that is necessary to reach an agreement.

Meanwhile, the Iranian Assistant Foreign Minister for Economic Affairs stated that $3.5 billion of his country’s frozen funds had been released.

US-Israeli maneuvers

Ahead of the resumption of talks on Thursday in Vienna, the United States announced that its envoy on Iran, Robert Malley, intends to participate in this round of talks.

US State Department spokesman Ned Price said, in a press conference, that his country will monitor whether Iran presents serious proposals in the new round, considering that the mutual return to compliance with the nuclear agreement is still viable.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Washington is moving towards tightening sanctions against Iran if talks falter.

The newspaper quoted US officials as saying that a high-ranking delegation from the Treasury Department will visit the UAE on Monday to discuss companies’ compliance with sanctions against Iran.

The Wall Street Journal said the delegation, which will include the head of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control Andre Jacqui, will warn companies and private banks in the UAE that they will “face grave risks” if sanctioned transactions continue.

These developments come against the backdrop of an Israeli-American willingness to discuss a possible targeting of Iranian nuclear facilities if diplomacy fails. Identical Israeli-American sources suggested that US Defense Ministers Lloyd Austin and Israeli Benny Gantz will discuss today, Thursday, joint military exercises simulating targeting Iranian nuclear facilities.

The sources added that the Pentagon leaders had previously briefed US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan two months ago on a set of military options available to ensure that Iran is not able to produce a nuclear weapon.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said that Austin will hold talks at the Pentagon with Gantz today, stressing that the two ministers will discuss common concerns about Iran’s nuclear provocations and destabilizing measures, as he put it.

Kirby stressed that Austin supports US diplomatic efforts in Vienna to return to the nuclear agreement, but will continue to work to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon.

Al-Jazeera correspondent quoted a Pentagon official as saying that Austin will make more severe statements about Iran when he receives his Israeli counterpart.

On the other hand, Israeli media confirm that the Israeli Air Force is preparing to carry out large-scale maneuvers in the coming spring that simulate a large-scale air attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities.

The correspondent of the official Israeli radio network Kan stated that dozens of warplanes will participate in these maneuvers, which will be launched in and around the Mediterranean, with the aim of preparing for the possibility that Israel may be forced to carry out a large-scale military action against Tehran.

The first comment by an Israeli official was issued by the Minister of Construction and Housing Ze’ev Elkin, who affirmed what he called Israel’s right and duty to prepare for this eventuality in order to protect its security and existence.

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