The National Electricity Company informs the “power of notables” about the reasons for the accumulation of its debts

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publish date 2023-07-25 16:48:00

The Energy and Mineral Resources Committee of the Senate, chaired by Al-Ain Malik Al-Kabariti, met today, Tuesday, with the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Electricity Company “Nepco”, Engineer Omar Al-Kurdi, and members of the Council.

Al-Ain Al-Kabariti said that the meeting aims to discuss the electric energy file, and to review the most important challenges facing the company, given the importance of electric energy and its direct impact on citizens and the wheel of economic development in the Kingdom.

He appreciated the company’s efforts to achieve a secure supply of electric energy in a sustainable manner, pointing to the importance of reviewing the latest numbers and planning mechanisms in the process of managing electric energy, due to the importance of the energy file, which receives the attention of King Abdullah II.

For his part, al-Kurdi said that NEPCO’s main role revolved around the process of regulating and planning electric power, pointing out that the accumulation of debts owed by the company is due to reasons, most notably the price differences in terms of buying and selling between generation and distribution, the interruption of gas that generates electricity in the years 2011-2015, and the reliance on diesel and heavy fuel oil, which led to an increase in costs at the time.

He pointed out that the company was affected by the change in tariff prices, and it faces accumulations in covering the differences, as it pays the cost of generation and does not pay the differences in terms of distribution companies.

The meeting was attended by the Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Nepco”, Secretary General of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Engineer Amani Al-Azzam, and members of the Board of Directors, Dr. Ghassan Omit and Omar Al-Taweel.

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