Before the high school result.. Know the etiquette, they tell you to give gifts or money

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With mixed feelings between tension and enthusiasm, many parents await the results of the high school diploma, so we will review, in the following lines, the etiquette of exchanging congratulations when the results of the high school results appear, and find out what should be done, according to what was indicated by the etiquette expert Hala Al-Azab.

Congratulations to high school

Etiquette of congratulations when announcing the results of high school:

At this critical time, it is not right to be present in the student’s environment except for his family and the closest people, so that the student can express his feelings in his own way. In excessive joy or excessive sadness, or in discussions about grades, students must find someone to support them and not find someone to blame them, and they cannot express their feelings in their presence.

Dealing etiquette after knowing the result:

The student’s family should take care of arranging the house and preparing easy and quick hospitality duties. When congratulators are present, the student’s family should not brag excessively about the student’s total if it is large and not speak in an inappropriate manner if the student fails or stumbles somewhat, bearing in mind that it is not right for the congratulators to ask repeatedly about the result and grades and demand that the grades be read accurately, and if this is required, the father or mother should change the subject elegantly.

Gift giving etiquette:

Well-wishers must present gifts commensurate with their relationship with the student’s family It is inappropriate for one of the congratulators to be from the acquaintances of the student’s family only and to give the student money, but the congratulators from the neighbors or acquaintances must be interested in buying gifts for his eyes such as roses, chocolates, juices and ready-made sweets, and for first-degree relatives they can present cash gifts, which are placed inside an elegant card or with a gift box that contains money and a set of high-end chocolates and roses. Gifts that match the student’s tendencies, hobbies, and needs in the new stage of education.

Etiquette for offering congratulations on success in high school
Etiquette for offering congratulations on success in high school


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