A tourist in Australia wrestles with a shark with a fishing spear. It surprises him underwater

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A shark fisherman wrestled only with a spear that he had with him during a cruise with his family, off the northern coast of Western Australia, according to the British “Daily Mail” website.

Kieron Benson, an Albanian guy with his family was spending several days in Five Fingers Reef on the north coast of Western Australia, during the school holidays earlier this month, but a fun snorkeling, fishing and swimming trip takes a dramatic turn when Mr. Benson decides to go fishing on their last day..

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The father said he wanted to celebrate the end of the trip by catching a fish to cook dinner, around 3pm he grabbed a fishing spear and the family took their boat about 200 meters from the shore.

Mr. Benson dived alone while his family waited in the boat. The man in turn said: I was about to turn back when I saw a big shape in the water, it turned out that the shape was a big shark” At first Benson thought it was either a shark or something else scary, and added, “It started circling around me, every time it got closer and got bigger and I realized it wasn’t a reef shark like we saw earlier.”


By this point, Mr. Benson had drifted out of his family’s boat, so he did his best to steer them to help him, while still trying to remain calm. When he looked down in the water, the shark was near the end of the spear, and at that moment, Mr. Benson noticed that the shark was immediately becoming more aggressive and was approaching him, so he fired the spear towards him when he realized that the shark had decided to attack him.

And the Albanian tourist says: “The hunting rifle managed to hit the spear in the eye socket of the shark, which made it unconscious,” but the rush of the big fish ended up colliding with Mr. Benson, and here the father knew that he had only moments to save his life.

And he continued, “After only seconds, the shark regained consciousness and began to try to attack again, and we began to circle around each other several times, and attempts to confront us continued when the boat launched next to us, and for several terrifying moments, the shark hit the water while my family was watching the frightening scene.”

the hunter
the hunter

He pointed out that when the shark suddenly dived at the bottom, I found it an opportunity to escape and jumped into the boat, and said: “I just flew into the boat, I do not remember touching the sides, I just jumped, and miraculously managed to escape from this terrifying confrontation with only bruises.”.

The report indicated that fisheries workers are using DNA from a spear gun like that of Mr. Benson to determine the type of shark that was responsible for the attack, while it is believed that the shark may have approached the shore in an attempt to find fish during an unusually quiet season..


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