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Urgent Al-Safadi holds a closed meeting with the Council of Unions on “cybercrime”

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publish date 2023-07-25 12:34:11

Compass – Amman

According to parliamentary sources, Parliament Speaker Ahmed Al-Safadi held a closed meeting today, Tuesday, with the Council of Unions, to discuss the cybercrime project presented to the “Representatives.”

According to the sources, Safadi affirmed the parliament’s openness to all opinions regarding the draft cybercrime law, while he also expressed willingness to listen to points of view on the law.

The sources stated that the Purity Council supported the position of the journalists and lawyers’ unions, the draft law, especially with regard to the fines imposed and contained in the law.

While the sources indicated that the meeting that brought Safadi together with the Purity Council was positive, Safadi did not make any pledges to Purity.


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