7 signs, if they appear in your dream, indicate goodness and abundant luck.. including seeing a woman

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There is no doubt that all of us are aware that his dreams are full of signs, whether with good tidings, love, or success, and there are also bad signs, but mostly some do not know and cannot interpret their dreams, and there are those who dream and do not remember their dreams in the first place, and if you are among the lucky few who remember their dreams, you must ask what it means, which is a sign from the universe, whether it warns of some danger, or tells you of abundant luck.abundancenolimits“.

Interpretation of dreams

Precious stones

A dream about a jewel indicates your happiness and satisfaction with life in general, and it may be related to financial security, happy relationships, or a prosperous business. It is a well-known sign indicating wealth and prosperity, as that sign tells you that money will come.

A tree laden with fruits

When you see it in your dreams, it means that good luck will join you. A tree rooted in the ground symbolizes your life, and the fruits relate to the fruits of your labor. The way the tree stands upright on the ground can be an indication of your strong willpower, your firm stance in life, or your uncompromising handling of your money.



It is known among people that fire is a means of destruction, however, dream interpreters do not believe that, they see that it brings good luck, it burns your worries and worries away, instead of destroying your life, it destroys negative feelings.


When you see in a dream that you are flying, this is a sure sign of happy tidings. It may also mean that you desire more freedom and you will achieve it.


Dreaming of a woman, whether known or unknown, cannot but bring good luck. Women are considered a positive sign related to warmth, friendliness, kindness, and mercy.

Visions and dreams
Visions and dreams


When you see yourself happy in your dreams, this is a good sign. Your life may not be filled with happiness and contentment at the moment, but your desire for it is so overwhelming that it appears in your dreams.


Four-leaf clover is believed to be a symbol of luck according to energetics. When it appears in your dreams, it is a sign that very good things are about to happen, and there are successes coming to you whether it is relationship, financial or work related.


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