A joint committee to study the file of seized and stagnant goods at customs

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publish date 2023-07-23 19:22:10

The head of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Nimr Al-Sulaihat, said that the committee recommended the formation of a joint committee from the General Customs Department, the Income and Sales Tax Department, the Institutions of Standards and Metrology, the Food and Drug Administration, and the Ministries of Agriculture and Environment, to study the issue of seized and stagnant goods at “customs.”

This came during a meeting held by the committee, today, Sunday, in the presence of the general managers of “Specifications” Abeer Barakat Al-Zuhair, “Income and Sales” Hussam Abu Ali, and “Customs” Jalal Al-Qudah.
Al-Sulaihat added that the aim of this committee is to find a radical solution to this issue, and to end all outstanding problems between all institutions.

For his part, Abu Ali affirmed the readiness of the Income and Sales Tax Department to cooperate and coordinate with the concerned institutions in this regard, especially customs, through the investment window.
In turn, the judges said that there is a clear working mechanism between “customs” and “standards” to solve outstanding problems between them, especially those that occurred before 2011.

On a separate level, Parliamentary Finance discussed the reports of the Audit Bureau regarding the Income and Sales Tax Department, for the period between 2018 and 2021, as the clarifications contained in the reports focused on auditing the tax files of some companies and taxpayers.

The committee recommended that these clarifications be followed up with the “Income and Sales” and the Audit Bureau, in preparation for their final solution and closure, according to Al-Sulaihat.

For his part, Abu Ali answered all the clarifications, stressing the department’s keenness to cooperate with the Audit Bureau, and to take into account all the observations contained in its reports, as the tax has taken all legal measures in this regard.

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