7 essential items that must be present in a swimming practice bag

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Swimming is one of the most beautiful exercises that can be practiced, especially in the summer. Swimming tightens the body and makes it fit and taut, and gives high self-confidence with self-regulation. Some may want to take swimming lessons, but do not know what things should be taken throughout the learning period in swimming lessons, in the bag, so get to know the most important components of the swimming training bag, according to the site “swimming“.


Things to take to adult swimming lessons:


Of course, the bag should not be devoid of swimwear, whether shorts, a shirt, or clothes intended for going to the pool. You must know whether there are guidelines about swimming clothes and that they are suitable for the place.

towel and robe:

It is important to bring a towel to dry the body after swimming, but some may worry about walking by the pool in swimming clothes, and for this you should bring a towel or a robe with a towel to put it on the body to feel warm.

swimming cap:

It is necessary to wear swimming caps because they are useful for those who have long hair, so that the hair does not stay away from the face, which makes swimming easy, smooth and enjoyable.



protective glasses:

Some may think that wearing swimming goggles is not necessary, but swimming coaches consider the goggles an important matter for learners, because the goggles give self-confidence and give the ability to enter the water without fear, and protect the eye from any damage from the water that contains chlorine.

bathroom accessories:

You should be careful to use some shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and moisturizer, after entering the swimming pool, which makes the body and hair dry, and the body must be moisturized to feel comfortable.

hair brush:

A girl who has long hair should bring a hairbrush and use it after swimming to make her hair shine.

Poolside slippers or shoes:

When learning to swim, you must bring pool slippers or shoes so that you do not walk barefoot on the pool floor, and so that whoever walks next to the bathroom does not slip, and shoes must be worn until the changing room.



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