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Al-Riyati calls for education to retake the chemistry exam

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publish date 2023-07-23 11:27:27

Representative Hassan Al-Riyati addressed the government, represented by the Ministry of Education, regarding the final chemistry exam for high school students.

Representative Al-Ryati said that higher skills questions exceeded 40% of the exam, noting that it is customary within the table of standards and the basis for setting the exam, that this type of question does not exceed 20%.

He explained that the time is very short, with regard to the number and difficulty of the questions, as recognized by the Examinations Department at the Ministry of Education.

In view of this, Al-Riyati called on the Ministry of Education to take into account these observations and form a specialized technical committee to find out the reasons for these errors that occurred in a national exam the size of the general secondary exam, even if it cost the exam to be repeated.


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