“I loved you in the summer.” If you want to know how? See what psychiatry says

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“Excuse me, Fayrouz, we want to know how you loved him in the summer,” a frequent sarcastic comment on social media since the heat wave rose, referring to the song Neighbor of the Moon, singer Fayrouz, “I loved you in the summer.” We are amazed at how anyone can fall in love in this hot weather that makes many tend to cut relationships rather than start them.

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Falling in love in the summer

“There is no scientific research that shows that people fall in love faster in the summer,” said Laura Sales, a psychologist and researcher at Ghent University. But what is the reason for the increase in summer love? Laura indicated that we must first know that love begins first with admiration and then the feeling of comfort when a person knows that the other accepts him and reciprocates the same feeling, and with time he discovers that he is similar to him in many of his characteristics, then he feels intimacy with him, and from here the emotional relationships begin.

falling in love
falling in love

She pointed out that there are some factors that help the emergence of many emotional relationships in the summer, such as the increase in social activities, which help in getting to know more people, which helps to meet the future life partner, and it is also assumed that people are more relaxed during the summer, so they prepare to fall in love.

love relationship
love relationship

Once again, the psychologist and researcher at Ghent University confirmed that there is no scientific evidence to prove that people fall in love more often in the summer compared to other seasons.

And according to what we have reviewed in the previous lines, love does not have a specific season, but there are other factors that help in its occurrence, so Fayrouz believed when she sang, “I loved you in the summer … I loved you in the winter,” as she confirmed with the words of her song that she loves him at all times.


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