Easy ways to get a professional curly hairstyle without going to the hairdresser

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The girl likes to change her appearance all the time to feel renewed without boredom or monotony, and to feel that she is beautiful without any affectation, and she is keen to have a distinctive hairstyle. The girl may think to make her hair beautiful wavy, without going to the beauty salon, and there are some ways that can be easy to do these waves naturally, because the hair straightener may not meet the desire to obtain satisfactory waves, and there are some ways that are easy to implement, by following the following report, according to the website “stylecraze“.

curly hair

Simple ways to make hair have many waves naturally:

Twisted crown technique:

And there is a way to make the hair wavy amazingly like a queen making the hair twisted like a crown on top of the head effortlessly and in a simple way.

What is required:


pins u

Lightweight hairspray


Part wet hair down the middle and divide into two sections each on one side.

The hair on the left is wrapped to the ends

The twisted hair is placed across the crown of the head and pinned behind the right ear

More hairpins are inserted to hold it in place

The same steps are repeated on the other side

This crown is kept on the hair from night till morning

Spray hair with a little hairspray before detangling it to create beautiful natural waves.

Twisted crown hair

Twisted crown hair

Scarf technique:

There is a way to do hair and at the same time perform exercise easily without disrupting anything.

What is required:

hair spray

Elastic buckle



Wet hair spray is sprayed.

The hair is tied with an elastic band two inches above the ends of the hair

Tie a knot in the middle of the scarf, holding the scarf behind the head and looping the scarf over the ponytail and wrapping it around.

The scarf is wrapped towards the head and hair

We tie the end of the scarf on top of the head, making sure to sleep with my hair wrapped all night long, and remove it in the morning for amazing curls.

Scarf hair
Scarf hair


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