Tips for spending a perfect day at the sea.. 6 things you must do

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During this period, many people accompany their friends or family members on a summer trip that includes going to the beach and sitting in front of it to enjoy the picturesque landscapes, and take souvenir photos, and in order for the day to pass in peace and happiness, several tips that we review in this report must be implemented, according to what was mentioned by the site.southerncalifbeachclub“.

Tips for a perfect day at the beach

Talk to the rescuers

You must choose a beach where a lifeguard is present, who in turn works to protect vacationers, and you can inquire about the water conditions today or the weather so that the person and his family or friends can swim safely.

Enjoying the summer vacation

Avoid swimming alone

It is preferable to swim with a group of people, whether they are relatives, friends, or even vacationers, as they can help others when any problem occurs, whether drowning or fainting, and other expected problems at any time.

Tips to apply when sitting in front of the sea
Tips to apply when sitting in front of the sea

Pay attention to flags and signs

When going to any beach, you should know what the colors mean on the banners or flags posted, which help to achieve safety for vacationers, such as green means safety and yellow is a warning.

Spend a perfect day in front of the sea

Sun protection

You must take a sunscreen cream, SPF (sun protection factor), to apply it every two hours on the body, preferably against water.

Body hydration

Care must be taken to moisturize the body when exposed to the sun, drink plenty of fluids, and fruits rich in water such as watermelon or grapes.

Beach essentials

Appropriate clothes should be taken when sitting in front of the beach, as well as a hat and toys that people use for entertainment throughout the period of sitting in front of the beach. Light healthy meals should also be taken to eat when feeling hungry, which help avoid stomach fullness so that a person can swim in the sea.


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