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Every mother is keen on the safety of her young son and wants to make him happy all the time, but sometimes circumstances control the mother, which makes her unable to be with him for some time as a result of work, which makes her forced to put him in a nursery until she finishes the tasks that she has to do.

But the mother may be afraid of the nursery in which the child remains as a result of some things, such as the nanny’s wrong or violent treatment of a young child who can hardly speak, and to find out how to choose a suitable nursery for the child, there are many tips that can help the mother, we learn about them by following the following report, according to the site “bright-kids“.

Important tips on how to choose the right nursery for your child:

Ensure that the nursery is registered:

Care must be taken to know that the nursery is registered and recognized, and has a registration certificate and its own insurance certificate.

Visiting the incubator, taking into account the presence of:

A warm welcome when visiting the nursery.

– The atmosphere of the nursery is it warm, like a home feeling.

– Is it close to the place of work so that it does not take long for the mother to reach her child?

– There is a safe and organized outside play area for the child.

– The nursery should be clean and organized with an attractive decor.


Is there fresh food:

Is fresh food prepared daily and special meals for young children.

Children in the nursery:

Children in the nursery must be seen whether they are happy and happy in the nursery and their clothes are clean, or vice versa.

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Staff appearance:

Are the staff in the nursery looking good and happy, with obvious good looks, are they calm and confident, do they have a background in first aid for children, do they know who they are responsible to turn to when they need to ask about anything, and what qualifications do the staff have to take care of a young child?

Was the initial visit good?

Should the father or mother conduct their initial visit to the nursery, and did they feel comfortable visiting the nursery for the first time?

Question for friends and family:

The mother or father should talk to friends and family to ask about custody and whether they have a view or experience of it.

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