Horoscopes do not interact with criticism, whether positive or negative..The most prominent of them are Capricorn and Pisces

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Many are keen to listen to constructive criticism directed at them from others, whether they are their friends or bosses at work, but others listen to criticism but do not interact with it or work with it, and these are believed to belong to some of the astrological constellations that we review in this report, according to what was mentioned by the site. pinkvilla.

Astrological signs do not interact with criticism, whether positive or negative


A Capricorn is keen to listen to the criticism directed at him, as well as to seek advice from people of experience, his family and friends in any matter that comes to him, but he is keen to listen just to obtain new and different information, but despite that, he does not implement any advice or amend himself.

Listen for criticism


A Pisces person gives priority to other people’s ideas, as he wants to get to know them well, so that he can have a new idea from his inspiration, but he does not listen to the criticism directed at him.

Horoscope does not react to criticism
Horoscope does not react to criticism


A Sagittarian does not find any problem in listening to the negative comments of those around him, and is very interested in listening to the positive comments that aim to improve his professional skills or personal behaviors or even to end the conflicts between him and someone, but he is suspicious of the intention of the other person, so he does not interact with Criticism or indifference to it.

Direct criticism
Direct criticism


Taurus takes a long time to formulate his own opinions until he comes up with something new that others did not come up with, and he also seeks others’ comments about his ideas and various decisions that he must take, as he is known for his perseverance and long patience, and despite his arrogance, he finds nothing wrong with listening to others. Whether it is advice, argumentation, or criticism, but his stubbornness pushes him not to implement what he is told or cares about.


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