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An electronic storm sweeps the communication platforms in Jordan against the “cybercrime” project

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publish date 2023-07-21 20:35:58

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Activists launched an electronic storm on social media platforms, on Friday evening, against the draft cybercrime law that the government submitted to the House of Representatives last week.

And by hashtag (hashtag) #Cybercrime_law_crime, the activists expressed their angry and rejection of the draft law, which they considered the most oppressive.

The draft law was a shock to the press and media community, after keeping the text of Article 11 of the law in force on defamation, libel and contempt, and keeping the arrest in it, but by increasing the criminalization of false news and increasing the fine from 20 to 40 thousand dinars.

Some criticized the drafting of the law behind closed doors without consulting stakeholders such as the Journalists Syndicate and civil society.

In turn, Minister of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship Ahmed Al-Hananda said, on Monday, that the financial fines and penalties in the draft cybercrime law, which is currently being discussed in the House of Representatives, are commensurate with the damage caused by cybercrime.

The expert in media laws, Yahya Shuqair, considered that Article 11 of the draft law contains several mines and violates the principles of legislative drafting, and suggested naming it the “electronic mouths closing law.”

Choucair added, in media statements that I monitored:compassThere are 3 laws that punish defamation, defamation, and contempt with different penalties for one act, such as Article 38 of the Publications Law and other articles in the Penal Code.

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