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148,449 male and female students continue to sit for the “Tawjihi” exam today

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publish date 2023-07-20 10:07:55

The “Tawjihi” general secondary students continue to sit for the exam on Thursday, as it is scheduled that 148,449 male and female students and all branches will sit for the exam, out of 189,410 male and female participants who are the total registered, of whom 126,271 are regular students, and 63,139 are special study students.

The spokesman for the Ministry of Education, Ahmed Al-Masafa, said that 148,437 male and female participants from the academic and professional branches of regular students and students of special studies will apply for chemistry, Arabic language, special industrial sciences, and food production and service, during the first session of the exam, which begins at ten in the morning, while he will apply for the session The second, which starts at one o’clock in the afternoon, 12 male and female students from the agricultural and home economics branches in the subject of chemistry.

Al-Masafah stated that the exams have been running smoothly and according to what the Ministry had planned, indicating that the exams were generally balanced and comprehensive and took into account the individual differences among the students.

The exam is held in 766 exam centers in the directorates of education. It includes 1,856 examination rooms, in addition to 42 reserve rooms. There is one spare room for each directorate, and more than 20,000 male and female teachers supervise the exam.

The Ministry of Education had completed its preparations for holding the exam, as it instructed those in charge of the exam to deal with the students in a paternalistic spirit, and to provide the appropriate psychological atmosphere for taking the exam with ease.

The Ministry affirmed that it took into account the needs of students with disabilities, in terms of ease of access to the hall, that the exam room be on the ground floor, and the provision of corridors according to their building codes as well as other requirements for an appropriate examination environment for each disability.

Examination halls have also been opened in: Al-Hussein Cancer Hospital for sick students who are receiving treatment, and correction and rehabilitation centers for arrested participants.

The Ministry indicated that it allowed the use of the calculator in investigations whose nature requires its use, which will be handed over to each participant on the fourth day of the exam, and will remain on his seat until the end of the last day, and the participant will have the right to use it or not, noting that the use of the calculator is optional and due to the desire of the participating student. In any of the detectives whose nature requires its use.

In addition, the Ministry of Education announced the formation of an operations room at the ministry’s center, to follow up the procedures for conducting the general secondary exams for the year 2023 / the general exam.

The Ministry indicated that the operations room will be entrusted with receiving observations and inquiries received from students and the local community, and preparing a daily report that includes these observations and the treatments that were made on them.

The Ministry circulated the phone numbers of the operations room to the directors of departments in the Ministry’s center and the directors of education, in addition to publishing them to the local community on its website and its pages on social media, which are: land (065662475), (065692368), (065699916), telephone (5666492), cellular (0791881434). ), (0791881435), (0791881436), (0791881439), (0791881450).

The Ministry also sent a number of messages and instructions to the exam participants, in order to ensure the safety of their exams.

The instructions included inviting the participants to come to the examination hall an hour before the start of the examination session, stressing that the school doors will be closed at ten o’clock for the first session and one o’clock for the second session, and no participant will be allowed to enter after this time.

The instructions included the commitment of each participant to bring the civil status card or the passport for the Jordanian participants and the passport for the non-Jordanians, and the security card for the Syrian participants who do not hold a passport, every day when submitting the exam.

The Ministry indicated its confidence in the awareness of its students in avoiding everything that would violate the exam instructions, such as taking any of (cell phones, electronic watches) to the exam hall, and emphasizing that everything related to the exam, such as scraps of paper and others, be left outside the exam hall in order to avoid applying administrative procedures. .

She called on the participants to ensure the exam program, the prescribed investigations, the specific time for each exam, and adherence to the instructions governing it.

The ministry indicated that the time allotted for the examination for each subject will be sufficient, stressing that it will continue to add ten minutes to each examination paper given to the participants instead of wasted time in distributing examination papers.

The Ministry called on its students to invest time in studying, not paying attention to rumors and obtaining information related to the exam from its official sources, noting the role of parents in creating the appropriate exam environment at home and providing psychological support for their children so that they can apply for the exam appropriately.

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