Sunglasses are essential in the summer.. Know how to choose the right style for your face

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Sunglasses protect your eyes from UV rays and add just the right amount of flair to any look, but choosing the right sunglasses for your face shape can be challenging with so many different styles out there. You may be tempted to simply follow trends, but choosing a sunglasses style is a personal matter. more.

Which shades suit you best depends on a number of factors: face shape, personal style, lens color and where/when you intend to wear them. In our next roundup, we get tips on how to choose sunglasses and everything else you need to know about this essential accessory. According to the website Nordstrom“.

sunglasses styles

Frame shape plays a major role in how sunglasses fit your face. Below is a quick guide to the main sunglasses styles.

sunglasses styles


This aviator-inspired style has teardrop-shaped lenses that were originally designed to block the sun’s rays from all angles. Aviator style glasses have a large field of view and are usually made with a metal frame.

cat’s eye

Cat eye sunglasses have feminine and vintage drift angles. Favored by old Hollywood icons, such as Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn, this style due to its classic and cool appeal has made a comeback, becoming a very popular style of sunglasses for women..

very big

Oversized sunglasses usually come with oval or square lenses and thick frames.


Round sunglasses accentuate your cheekbones well and can help fill out the lower half of your face. The iconic silhouette is simple in design and helps balance natural angles.


This is one of the more versatile frame styles and features thick, boxy lines. Square sunglasses have sharp angles that give definition to those with softer facial features.


Sports sunglasses are stylish and lightweight. They have a wraparound frame that tapers at the temples to protect your eyes from sun glare at all angles.


Like square shades, rectangular sunglasses are a classic style that flatters many face shapes. The rectangular design looks especially great on people with round faces.

Types of lenses

Certain types of lenses protect your eyes in different environmental conditions and also reduce sun-related health risks, such as skin cancer and photokeratitis.

Types of lenses

Types of lenses

Lens treatments

Keep in mind that darker lenses do not mean higher UV protection, so find lens treatments and colors that suit your needs.

UV Protection: Your eyes can absorb harmful UV rays without proper protection, which ultimately leads to premature aging and eye-related health problems. Always look for UV rated lenses.

Polarization: This lens treatment blocks glare while enhancing clarity, color, and depth perception. It is perfect for all outdoor activities, especially water and snow sports.

Mirrored: The reflective coating on mirrored sunglasses absorbs light, reducing glare and masking your eyes.

Gradient: Gradient lens treatment transitions from a darker tint to a lighter tint, allowing for comfortable vision over a wide range of distances and lighting conditions.

lens colors

Different lens colors make your eyes react differently to different types of light. Discover the colors that match your preferred activities and conditions.

Lens colors

Lens colors

Gray: Gray lenses reduce glare and show true colors. It is perfect for daily use, especially driving and outdoor activities.

Yellow: Yellow lenses enhance contrast and provide greater clarity in low-light conditions. They’re a great choice for skiing and mountain biking but not so great for anything that requires accurate color perception.

Green: This colored lens transmits all colors equally, so it is close to normal eyesight. Green lenses are good for general use and all outdoor activities.

Best sunglasses for face shape

Understanding your unique face shape is the main trick to finding your perfect eyeglasses. To get started, choose a style that balances the lines and angles of your facial features.

The right glasses for every face

The right glasses for every face

For oval faces

An oval face has symmetrical features, and the jawline narrows evenly to the chin almost, meaning any style looks great on it, especially aviator sunglasses, cat-eye, oversized, round, and square.

For round faces

In this case your face is almost as wide, and your cheekbones are the widest point. The angular frames that frame your face are the most flattering to you. Try square or sporty styles for the perfect fit.

For heart-shaped faces

Your face is wider at the cheekbones and slightly narrower at the chin. Eye-catching sunglasses, aviator, cat eye, and round, will help elongate your face.

For square faces

Your jawline is prominent and your face is the same width on your forehead and cheekbones. Look for curved frames that balance out angular lines, such as aviator, cat-eye, circular, and oversized styles.


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