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The conclusion of the artificial intelligence recruitment course in journalistic work

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publish date 2023-07-18 15:24:03

Today, Tuesday, the Jordan News Agency (Petra) Training Center concluded a training course entitled “Employing Artificial Intelligence in Journalism and Media Work,” which was presented by fellow consultant Ayman Hunaiti.

Al-Hunaiti highlighted the status enjoyed by the media in light of the digital space, the importance of adapting journalistic content to suit digital technologies, as well as benefiting from advanced digital developments to advance the media content of the news agency, and the capabilities of journalists to possess the necessary skills in this field.

The course, which lasted three days, aimed at introducing colleagues to the latest developments in the digital world, and motivating them to use artificial intelligence tools in journalistic work and improve it, with the participation of pioneer and specialist in artificial intelligence technologies and metaverse Rami Eldamaty.

Al-Damati stressed the importance of developing the skills and capabilities of journalists by using artificial intelligence tools in creating digital content, in addition to checking information and data journalism, and using guidance engineering for the optimal use of the tools provided by digital platforms.

He reviewed many important tools in detecting false content, checking the content and converting it into news texts, through the use of 120 useful tools for the press and media field, indicating the importance of holding such courses that are in line with the needs of the media sector and developing the skills of its workers.

The Director of Training and Institutional Development, Jamil Al-Baramawy, said that this course is an extension of a series of courses that focus on the latest digital developments in journalistic and media work, to raise the knowledge and professional competencies of journalists and enable them to employ digital tools to enrich journalistic performance.

The course included defining generative artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence tools, and the capabilities of artificial intelligence in the journalistic and media field, and providing practical applications to benefit from technology to develop the media and journalistic fields.


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