Essential tips for men to look more attractive with glasses

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A man loves to be elegant even when he wears glasses on his face, whether by choosing elegant frames or the shape of the glasses themselves, which gives an elegant and luxurious look, and there are many things that a man can choose glasses for and to know the fashion trends of glasses for men in 2023, you can follow The following report, according to the site “theadultman“.

The shape of the glasses

How does a man become attractive with glasses?

Choosing glasses that highlight the shape of the face:

You should not choose the frame of the glasses that fits the shape of the face completely, such as if the face is square, you should not buy square-shaped glasses, and if the face is round, you should not buy round glasses, and instead you should choose glasses that balance the shape of the face, if the man has an oval face You can search for a square-shaped frame with a prominent final shape and pointed edges, which makes it symmetrical and well-fitting to the face, and this certainly applies to the shape of the sunglasses.

Accentuate the shape of the face

Accentuate the shape of the face

Matching glasses according to daily wear:

After the man finds the shape of the attractive frame that suits the shape of his face, he must then choose a color and shape to complement the look of the clothes he wears. As for the material, the styles are similar to the texture of plastic, but stronger, more flexible and more sustainable, and it is considered one of the most common materials that are used in eyeglass frames. Especially the old fashioned ones.



You can choose titanium or ryllium, which is used in wire glasses for a sharp and simple look at the same time, and it works great with business clothes and collar shirts look great with it.

Matching with clothes

Matching with clothes

For the color style:

Black, beige, gray or transparent frames tend to complete the overall look, and glasses that have a red and blue tint give a bolder effect to the look of the glasses.

It is known that the black color in glasses, whether glossy or matte black, is the most common color that is easy to wear with all clothes easily and elegantly.

Stylish glasses

Stylish glasses

Knowing the activities for which glasses should be worn:

When choosing glasses, you must know the activities that must be worn for them. If the glasses are intended for working in front of a computer, or driving at night, then you must choose glasses with a fragile, thin and durable frame.

But if the glasses are to move around all day, you can choose something lightweight to make the face feel comfortable.




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