6 different uses for wet wipes for children.. including wiping the Arabic tableau

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Wet wipes or “wipes” are one of the indispensable tools in the summer, especially when going outside in the heat of the weather and going out in crowded places and shaking hands with many people. They are an ideal option for wiping hands all the time to keep them clean, but there are some different uses. For wet wipes for children, it is reviewed by “The Seventh Day”, according to the “Seventh Day” websiteexperthometips” as follows.

Make-up removal

Baby wipes are a great product to easily remove make-up and keep skin clean and fresh, especially before going to bed when it’s best not to go in with make-up still on your skin.

Make-up removal

Getting rid of dye spots

If you are one of those who dye their hair at home, you can remove the dye stains from your hands, forehead, or ears with wet wipes, as it greatly helps to remove the dye and restore the color of your skin as it was.

Getting rid of hair frizz

Especially in the harsh summer heat, some frizz occurs to the hair, which makes the look not pleasant. You can wipe your hair with a wet baby wipe, and in a few seconds you will find that the frizz has completely disappeared.

wet wipes
wet wipes

Wipe the dust from the dashboard of the car

If you are one of those who like to keep their cars clean all the time, then one package of wet wipes will make your car feel like new, just extract one piece and pass it on the dashboard, gearbox and steering wheel of your car, as it removes dust, perfumes and shines the car.

Dust removal
Dust removal

Cleaning games

You can clean your children’s toys with a piece of wet wipes, just by wiping them, as it is easy and simple to use, and it does not require the effort of soaking and rinsing your children’s toys.

Shoe cleaning

Especially white and sports shoes and their soles, you can just pass a piece of wet wipes on the dirt that may be on your shoes and you will find them clean, bright and like new.


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