5 mistakes to avoid when arranging your bedroom decor

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It is known that the bedroom is the place where a person feels comfortable, relaxed and calm, away from the hustle and bustle of work that is moving at a fabulous speed. A person may like when designing the bedroom to have beautiful designs suitable for feeling comfortable, and the bedroom must be thoughtful and designed in a way that gives visual balance, and there are some mistakes that can be made when arranging the bedroom, and to find out these ideas for decoration, you can follow the following report, according to the sitehomesandgardens“.

Placing a bed against the wall:

The size of the room will give the furniture the ability to form within the space that it has, by placing the bed in the middle, with space on both sides, and it is preferable to place the bed against the wall, and when designing the room, the size of the room and the light in it must be noted, and the intention in arranging the bedroom is Increasing the space to the maximum degree, which gives a feeling of comfort and extreme relaxation.

Bed against the wall

Not creating moments for conversation:

Even if you have a large bedroom, it is better not to fill it with furniture, and you must make sure that the furniture is well present in it, while not reducing the presence of furniture in it. Large corners can be filled with a comfortable chair or a large seat at the end of the bed, to create a point to sit and talk about By adding a sofa or a pair of distinctive chairs in the bedroom, which enhances the feeling of comfort and gives an option for sitting other than the bed.

Not creating moments for conversation

Not creating moments for conversation

Storage investment:

Built-in wardrobes are better than free-standing wardrobes, to make the most of every inch of space, and it is known that storage space is very important, which means that the wardrobe will put all the clothes in it, and a storage unit can be made on the wall, and it is painted in the same color walls or wrap them with wallpaper, which gives a heightened sense of space.

Invest in storage

Invest in storage

Symmetry thinking:

Consistency in the interior design gives a sense of calm and order, by arranging the furniture in the bedroom, such as matching bedside tables on both sides of the bed, and matching lighting and decoration around the bed to make the room’s decor more consistent and create a sense of symmetry.

Symmetry thinking

Symmetry thinking

Disposal of details:

Care must be taken to take advantage of the furniture arrangement by taking advantage of the window in the room to arrange the bed so that the beautiful view is enjoyed and the light enters, while hiding the charging cables and wires that do not give any aesthetic shape.

Get rid of the details
Get rid of the details


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