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The guarantee invites Jordanian expatriates to optional subscription

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publish date 2023-07-17 15:37:20

The General Organization for Social Security called on Jordanian expatriates working outside the Kingdom and Jordanian housewives to initiate voluntary subscription, as it provides them and their family members with an umbrella of protection, safety and stability.

And the Foundation confirmed in a press statement today, Monday, that the voluntary subscription enabled a large number of subscribers who had previous subscription periods with the guarantee and who stopped working for various reasons, or as a result of obtaining job opportunities outside the Kingdom or Jordanian housewives, to subscribe and complete the necessary periods for their entitlement to pension salaries.

This contribution also provided them with protection in cases of disability and natural death, as the voluntary contribution enabled 56,000 Jordanian men and women to obtain a retirement pension from social security.

The institution stated that the optional subscription to the insurance is available to Jordanians, whether they reside inside or outside the Kingdom, provided that they complete the age of 16 and do not exceed 55 for females and 60 for males if their participation in the insurance is for the first time. It is also available to the insured who had periods previously covered by the guarantee. Stop the deduction for them and they wish to complete the coverage voluntarily, and also for the insured who has completed or exceeded the age of 55 for the female and the age of 60 for the male and did not complete the number of contributions required of them, so it is possible for them to continue to contribute after this age for the purposes of obtaining the retirement salary.

The Corporation added that submitting the application for voluntary subscription to the insurance is available electronically from anywhere in the world through the account of the insured on the Corporation’s website or through its application on the smartphone under the name (Jordanian Social Security), by selecting voluntary subscription services and then clicking on the subscription request and filling out The required data and submitting the application, confirming that the process of paying the contributions is also available electronically.

The Foundation indicated that the voluntary subscription services are currently available on the Sanad application, which is represented in (basic data for voluntary members, voluntary membership request, voluntary suspension of membership request, request for amending the annual increase percentage for voluntary members, account statement for optional members, payments for optional members, payment of voluntary membership subscriptions ).

The institution also indicated that the insured is considered covered by the provisions of the Security Law as of the beginning of the month in which he submits the application for voluntary affiliation, provided that the subscription for the first month is paid at least during the first fifteen days of the month following the date of submission of the application, explaining that the subscription rate paid by the insured The voluntarily contributor pays 17.5 percent per month of the deductible wage for old-age, disability and death insurance allowances.

She pointed out that the number of active voluntarily subscribed insureds currently amounted to about 93,000 subscribers.

The Foundation invited expatriates and housewives to communicate with it for any inquiries or questions about their right to guarantee through the interactive chat service on its website www.ssc.gov.jo, or through its official mail. [email protected] Or contact her at any time from inside Jordan on the number (117117) or from inside and outside Jordan on the number (065008080) to inquire about any inquiry related to the voluntary subscription.


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