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Al-Riyati calls on the government to tighten control over immoral content

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publish date 2023-07-17 11:55:12

Representative Hassan Al-Riyati called on the government to increase the penalties for publishing immoral materials that contain obscene or pornographic images and videos, while calling for toughening the penalties of the Cybercrime Law.

“Why did the government not meet with the Journalists Syndicate and consult it when preparing the draft law?” asked Riyati, during a meeting of the legal committee to discuss the draft cybercrime law.

He added, “We are with the criminalization found in Jordanian laws regarding the publication and circulation of immoral and pornographic clips, but why did the government not respond to the popular parliamentary demands to ban pornographic websites?”

And he indicated that the law criminalizes the owners of pages and websites regarding any offensive comments written by others on their pages, so will this criminalization include ministers and official institutions for offensive comments written on the pages of ministers and institutions.


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