A clever trick from a classic Spanish store to confront tourists who only want to take pictures

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The Quivers Moorea store opened in 1898 and is one of the most attractive locations in all of Barcelona. The shop’s antique appearance and the traditional design of the interior attract hundreds of tourists every day, but the problem is that many of them don’t actually care for the products sold inside – all kinds of Traditional Spanish sausages and cold cuts, cured cheeses, oils, wine, etc. According to one of the managers, many tourists walk into the store without even a simple “hello”, walk around and take pictures, and then leave without buying anything, so I decided The management of the store made touring, watching and photographing for a fee, according to odditycentral.

Joke idea

The idea of ​​charging tourists just to walk into the grocery store and look around without buying anything started out as a joke, said Tony Merino, one of the store’s managers, but as regular staff and patrons became increasingly bothered by random tourists looking around and taking pictures without any interest at all. Launching with the products offered, they decided to implement them.

Store window

Merino made it clear that he and his partners had no interest in actually charging the fee, but they didn’t have to do that anymore. By posting a warning about the €5 fee in the shop window, they managed to discourage most unwanted visitors. Now, most of the people who end up end up They come inside by buying something, and those who don’t prefer to contemplate the interior of the store through the shop window.

the shop
the shop

After images of a €5 fee advertisement appeared in a shop window on social media earlier this month, businesses in Barcelona faced some serious backlash.


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