Simple tricks to get rid of the feeling of heat during the “weekend” .. Stay in wet socks

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During this period, parts of the country witness a rise in the weather temperature, which is usual throughout the days of the summer season, which spoils the pleasure of enjoying the weekend, and causes many travel plans or outings with family and friends to be postponed, so we review, in this report, tips to get rid of the feeling Freely, according to the site “timesofindia. indiatimes“.

Tips to get rid of the feeling of heat

Drink a lot of fluids

The traditional advice, which yields positive results, is to keep the body hydrated for as long as possible, and this can be achieved by drinking water in an amount of up to 2 liters per day, so that the body compensates for the fluids it loses when sweating. It is also recommended to drink frozen fruit juices that are free of sugar and coconut water.

The weather temperature rises

Avoid tea and coffee

Consuming caffeine also causes an increase in body temperature, and blood vessels narrow, which warms the blood and makes the body feel hot and sweaty, so it is recommended to avoid these drinks and replace them with cold drinks such as coconut water, lemon water, and fruit juices.

Get rid of the feeling of heat
Get rid of the feeling of heat


Eating fatty meals causes heat generation in the body, and makes a person not feel comfortable, especially when excessively eating such foods, which does not give the body an opportunity to digest them and causes an increase in body temperature, sweating and lethargy, so it is preferable to replace them with light and fresh meals in the summer with the necessity Reducing the intake of processed and salty foods.

Feeling hot
Feeling hot

cold bath

It is also recommended to take a lukewarm shower, as studies indicate that warm water cools the bloodstream, which helps a person feel refreshed most of the time.

Cooling of the toes

It is also advised when the weather temperature rises, to soak the feet in cold water for a while, which helps to cool the body, or to wear wet socks for a while, which leads to the same result.

Loose cotton clothing

Wearing dark-colored tight clothes causes the body to sweat, because it absorbs more wavelengths of light, which makes the person feel hot, so it is recommended to wear light-colored loose cotton clothes.


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