How do you discover the owner of the colorful personality and your guide to dealing with him safely?

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The variegated personality or the chameleon is completely different from the rest of the human being, because it is colored and changed by changing society and people, so we find it always trying to respond and imitate the surrounding society. In a moment, he turns into a person more like them, and even into a modified version, surprising everyone and becoming the focus of their attention. Therefore, in the following lines, Al-Youm Al-Sabaa reviews the etiquette of dealing with the chameleon character, according to what was indicated by Hala Al-Azab, the etiquette expert.

Chameleon personality

How do you discover the colorful character?

The human relations and etiquette expert says in her interview with Youm7: This personality may be suitable for marketing work that requires meeting the audience of customers, as well as the personality of the sycophantic employee who tries to please his managers or climb on the shoulders of others, also he can give a dazzling impression to his life partner in the first interviews and then suddenly runs away without warning because he will not be able to color In a long and lasting relationship.

And she continues: “You can easily catch the disobedient person among the others with his exaggerated behavior and hypocritical suffocating compliments. You also discover the discolored person who slips his tongue at the time of disagreements and nervousness, as he may transform and reveal his true personality at the time of quarrels.

How do you deal with the colorful character safely?

The human relations and etiquette expert says: In the event that there is a gathering that brings her together with you, she must be welcomed and shaken as an ordinary relative and dealt with in the vicinity of the question about the family.

And she adds: “Do not involve yourself in asking about his work or his achievements, or try to cooperate with him in a business partnership. If he tries to go on talking about his achievements, then be a good and polite listener only. Do one of his actions at the beginning and at the end of the speech (like bread) and then the elegant criticism, in the middle (like stuffing) so that you do not hear what does not satisfy you and remain silent. Your polite criticism may make him think of changing.

Dealing with the chameleon character
Dealing with the chameleon character
Chameleon personality etiquette
Chameleon personality etiquette


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