Different types of butter and how to use them, including red and salted

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Although butter is one of the basic ingredients that are used in preparing food in most homes, butter in restaurants has another taste, as there are many who prefer to eat certain food in restaurants because of the way it is presented with butter, whether on pieces of grilled meat, or even On toast with more garlic, but why and how is it better in restaurants than at home? It is related to two factors, and according to what was published by the “tastingtableBut the butter used in restaurants is not different from the butter at home, but the differences are that restaurants use fresh butter, while at home, butter is used over months and may be stored in the wrong way.

Melted butter

There are more types of butter including:

salted butter

It is the standard creamy butter with added salt, and it is preferable to use it in cooking food and not for luxuries such as bread, since adding it to bread changes the taste of bread due to the presence of salt in it, but in cooking, cooking with butter is a little more flexible because you can add more salt during cooking, and use Salted butter for sautéing vegetables for a rich, savory flavour.


Unsalted butter

Unsalted butter does not contain salt, that is, it is just a mixed cream, just make sure to read the label to choose the butter that you need, and the difference may also be that salted butter has a longer shelf life, but it hides flavors, and it can be used with baking, recipes, cookies, pies and cakes.

Whipped butter

Whipped butter should be a staple for anyone looking for the perfect touch to their morning French toast or pancake. This type of butter can be made with either salted or unsalted butter; It just has to be whipped at high speed to knock the air into the butter. Whipped butter is easy to spread on bread, cookies, and everything in between.

Types of butter
Types of butter

Sweet creamy butter

You may think that sweet cream butter means that there is sugar, but it is just words on the packaging, in order to distinguish it from other types, as it is made from pasteurized milk or cream, so it is creamier and sweeter than traditional butter.


goat butter

Goat butter is made from goat’s milk rather than cow’s or buffalo’s milk. Chefs note that goat’s milk butter is usually less yellow than regular butter because goats don’t consume as much beta-carotene in their diets. As a result, it is lighter in texture and taste than other butters.

red butter

Red butter, which is a mixture of whipped butter, to which a teaspoon of ketchup or hot sauce is added, and placed with toasted bread as a kind of delicious appetizer beside the meal.


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