6 easy tricks to distract your mind from feeling hungry.. if you want to lose weight quickly

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When a person resorts to a diet to get rid of excess weight, he may feel at one point during the day that he is hungry, and he cannot control this feeling, especially if he is eating his main meal, and this feeling may be annoying and uncontrollable, especially in the early days. From adhering to a harsh diet, so “The Seventh Day” reviews various ways to distract you from hunger, according to what was published by the “Seventh Day” website.physiqz“.

Getting rid of the feeling of hunger

Complete postponed tasks

Sometimes engaging in deferred activities may be the quickest and easiest way to distract yourself from hunger. If you have something to do around the house, start with cleaning, washing dishes, mopping floors, sweeping, dusting shelves, vacuuming rugs, or folding Clothes, or finishing some of your work tasks, by arranging your desk, organizing your papers, and arranging your priorities.

Give yourself to me

Taking a shower or other beauty-related tasks can help you de-stress both mentally and physically, which may help avoid weight gain.

Do a task that requires your brain

Choosing a task that requires your mind to work, and diverting your attention to something other than eating, will help take your mind off constant hunger pangs and thoughts of food, but it’s good for your brain too, so instead of preoccupying yourself with food all day, find out how to distract yourself through productivity. You can play chess or solve puzzles.


Eat something low in calories

Choosing healthy, low-calorie alternatives to snacks can help you cut down on calorie-dense foods. Finding low-calorie options to snack between meals that contain fewer calories and curb hunger can help you eat a little popcorn. Or berries without exceeding 100-200 calories, plenty of nutrients, and enough fiber to keep you feeling full between lunch and dinner.

drink a lot of water

Drinking plenty of water can help you feel full because our brains often mistake thirst signals for hunger pangs, just because we want to satisfy our mental craving for food.


chewing gum

The physical motion of chewing can help with hunger pangs, and the gum is a calorie-free bar, but sugary gum should be avoided, which can lead to potential negative side effects.


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