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What does it mean that two-thirds of the voters in Jordan do not know their constituencies until today?

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publish date 2023-07-14 16:58:57

During a symposium of the “Islamic Action” branch in Mafraq

Al-Khawaldeh: The parties have a responsibility to convince the citizen of their programs to address the challenges the country is going through

Al-Yamani: There is a need for a positive climate that enhances popular confidence in participating in political and partisan life

The branch of the Islamic Action Front in Mafraq held a political symposium entitled “The Future of Political Modernization in Jordan, Elections Law and Parties,” in which the Secretary-General of the Ministry of Political Development, Dr. Ali Al-Khawaldeh, and Eng. Wael Al-Saqqa, Deputy Secretary-General of the Party, participated.

Al-Sakka stressed that the criterion for the success of the election law is the application on the ground and not the provisions of this law only, with the need for the state to stand at the same distance from the parties, referring to the state of official interference in what is called engineering parties and facilitating the movement of some parties in universities and governorates and booking public halls or carrying out activities In general, unlike other parties, he also stressed the need to address the trust gap between citizens, state institutions, parliament and the election fund to encourage citizens, especially young people, to participate in elections and political life in light of the previous interference in the course of elections and restrictions on party cadres.

Al-Sakka added, “What does it mean that two-thirds of the voters in Jordan, in Amman and Irbid, do not know their constituencies until today,” stressing the need for a positive climate of public freedoms and freedom of political, partisan and trade union work, and translating statements about encouraging partisan work on the ground, as he indicated the party’s keenness The Islamic Action Front to present practical national programs towards the challenges that Jordan is going through and to present the economic vision for Jordan 2030 and before that the Jordan of Tomorrow project, despite the lack of positive official engagement towards these projects and the solutions they contain that would contribute to addressing the crises that Jordan is going through, Foremost among them is the economic crisis, the exacerbation of poverty and unemployment problems, and the spread of financial and administrative corruption in state institutions.

Al-Sakka referred to what constitutes the approval of the national list and the threshold percentage for the electoral lists and the achievement in the new election law and the importance of the citizen relying on the choice of who represents him in Parliament on the programs he presents and on competence and integrity.

While the Secretary-General of the Ministry of Political Development, Dr. Ali Khawaldeh, indicated during the symposium that Jordan is passing through a new and different phase of political life that meets the aspirations of those working in political and partisan work, within the path of political modernization under royal patronage and the access to the new party law and the new election law that represents The cornerstone of the development of political life.

Al-Khawaldeh stressed that parties represent the basis of democratic life and the formation of parliamentary governments, pointing out that the current parliaments suffer from individual parliamentary work, which requires access to organized, programmatic partisan work that provides solutions to the challenges the country is going through, and he also indicated the importance of what was included in the new election law. The party’s national list, strengthening the participation of youth and women in the nomination processes, and expanding the party’s national list to reach a partisan parliament.

Al-Khawaldeh pointed out that the parties have a responsibility to convince the citizen of their programs towards the development of political, economic and social life, with the need to work to change the culture of the homeland and its abuse towards electoral behavior and towards political life, which requires parties and institutions to make an effort to change the culture of elections for the citizen so that the choice is based on programs and competence.

While the head of the party’s branch in Mafraq, Eng. Ali Al-Yamani, stressed in his welcoming speech the need to achieve real political reform as an entry point for comprehensive reform in various fields to reach the state of justice, law, citizenship, public freedoms and social welfare, stressing the party’s adherence to the approach of national partnership, moderation and participation, with the need for it to be There is a positive atmosphere that enhances popular confidence by participating in political and partisan life and contributing to the country’s elevation and advancement in the face of the grave crises it is going through.

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