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The fire spreads over 1,200 dunums of forests between the governorates of Ajloun and Jerash

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publish date 2023-07-14 19:01:00

The fires that broke out between the governorates of Ajloun and Jerash caused a fire to break out in about 1,200 dunums, amid efforts to control and extinguish the fires, according to the “Kingdom” correspondent.

reporter notedThe kingdomTo continue efforts to combat the large fire that extends between the governorates of Ajloun and Jerash.

He talked about the Al-Najdah area, which is one of the areas covered by the fire and the extinguishing operations extend to it, and the Wadi Al-Sham area, which includes more than 5 thousand dunums.

He pointed out that about 1,200 dunums of land ignited, amid efforts to control the fire, whether from ground areas or from operations carried out by Air Force planes that take water from the King Talal Dam and send it to the fire area.

The correspondent added that the fire, which extends from one area to another, may contribute to disrupting the operations of controlling the fire in general, and said that the nature and topography of the area impedes the process of controlling this fire.

On Friday, three Royal Air Force planes supported the efforts of the Public Security Directorate to extinguish fires in dry grass and forest trees in the Al-Safsafa area in Ajloun Governorate.

The Governor of Jerash, Firas Al-Faour, said on Friday that the civil defense cadres have been participating since Thursday noon in efforts to put out the fires through about 150 human forces with 30 vehicles from the civil defense directorates.

The governor pointed out,The kingdomThe area “is very, very rugged, and we can only extinguish the fire by air, because the civil defense cadres cannot reach it.”

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