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The Capital Governorate decided to remove the burnt sponge factory building

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publish date 2023-07-14 20:02:35

The Public Safety Committee in the Capital Governorate and the Supreme Construction Committee decided to remove the sponge factory building that was burned yesterday evening as quickly as possible in order to preserve public safety.

The decision, according to the media spokesman for the Greater Amman Municipality, Nasser Al-Rahamneh, stated that after inspecting the building located on plot 698, Basin 45 Al-Hamraniya, which consists of five floors, it was found that the fire destroyed most of the building. This resulted in the collapse of parts of the building nodes in the façades (side and back) and significant damage to the main building elements. Accordingly, a decision was taken by the Public Safety Committee on the one hand and the Supreme Structural Committee on the other hand to remove the building as soon as possible in order to preserve public safety.

The Public Safety Committee is made up of the Greater Amman Municipality and the Royal Scientific Society, in addition to delegates from the Governor of the Capital, the Civil Defense and the Security Center.

The committee was formed by order of the governor of the capital.


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