The most prominent of which is “Al-Sah Al-Dah Embu” .. a story of Egyptian songs related to Coptic literature

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Egyptian songs in Coptic literature are considered a great cultural heritage taken from the ancient Egyptian state, as they have become in the conscience of the Egyptian people throughout the ages until now.

In the following lines, we monitor the most prominent current Egyptian songs taken from the Coptic language and their meanings.

Dah Embu scan

The Coptic language is not only considered ecclesiastical, but its vivid expressions still live in the conscience of the Egyptian nation. The popular song by Ahmed Adawiya is “Al-Sah Al-Dah Embo” meaning take water for the thirsty child.

Your rings with your men

In Child Week, we sing your circles with men, and the Coptic word “halaq” means a ring or a ring, while “birajalat” means broadening your legs and walking quickly, so the meaning here is clear:

Oh rain, relax, relax

The word rakhi in the Coptic language means to wash or clean according to the Coptic Bahari pronunciation, either in the Saidi or Southern pronunciation rughi and it is also used as “soap lather”, meaning to wash or clean with soap.


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