The 5 best meals that can be prepared in the “air fryer”, including grilled chicken

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In recent years, many have resorted to using the air fryer, in order to cook food for his family, full of health benefits away from fried foods that are harmful to health, in addition to that cooking in the air fryer is one of the easiest sustainable kitchen ideas that you can follow, although many foods can be prepared with it However, there are some foods that are considered tastier when prepared in this healthy and smart device, and “The Seventh Day” reviews a list of a group of foods that are tastier after being prepared in the “air fryer”, according to what was published by the “Air Fryer” website.abeautifulmess“.

Grilled chicken

Researcher Dr. Jimena Schmidt Rivera, an independent study, a sustainability researcher and lecturer at Brunel University London, has conducted and found that cooking chicken in an air fryer can save you more than 80% of electrical energy and thus less in material cost compared to an electric oven, where you can roast A nicely done and tasty whole mini chicken in 60 minutes, with vegetables and rice, will have tender meat and a crunchy outer layer.

grilled chicken


Homemade burger takes about 10 to 15 minutes on medium heat, but think about putting it in the basket or rack without the need for oil, just season the meat and leave in the pan to cook, and in a few minutes, the meat comes out the same size, and its color is shiny brown just put in the bread with Favorite sauce.

French fries

One of the best things about an air fryer is the ability to have crispy and delicious french fries when made in an air fryer, with fewer calories than deep fat frying, you just have to prep them, cut them up and put them in the air fryer basket in a single layer, it only takes 12 minutes.


Reheat leftovers

The air fryer is no longer only for preparing food, but also used to heat ready-made food again, such as fried chicken or pizza, and enjoy your meal for the second time, with the same taste as the first.

Air Fryer
Air Fryer

frozen chicken

An air fryer is a versatile investment and is great for quickly cooking frozen foods. Frozen chicken takes only 15 minutes to get ready to eat nice and crisp. Just place in a single layer in the air fryer basket; Turn them over at about 10 minutes and cook for another 2 minutes, or until crispy.

air fryer
air fryer


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