Fabrics recommended to be worn during the heat wave.. to avoid sweat and boredom

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The coming days will witness a rise in temperature, in all parts, humid during the day in Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt, the northern coasts, South Sinai and southern Upper Egypt, moderate at night in all parts, and this is the case in most days of the summer season, which causes sweating and a feeling of discomfort, especially when going To work in the morning, or to visit a friend or relative, and to avoid feeling too hot, you must wear clothes made of certain fabrics that we review in this report, according to the website. onlineclothingstudy.

Fabrics to be worn in the summer

linen cloth

It is also recommended to wear a piece of linen clothing that helps absorb sweat and give you a sense of ventilation. This is why it is recommended to wear linen when the weather is hot throughout the summer.

Fabrics to wear during a heat wave


It is recommended to buy pieces of clothing made of cotton to wear in the summer, as they help absorb sweat, which leads to a feeling of freshness.

Clothes that help get rid of the heat
Clothes that help get rid of the heat


You should also wear a piece of viscose cloth, which is one of the fabrics that helps to ventilate and not feel hot, during the period of high weather temperature.



You must wear a piece of clothing made of silk, which is a natural, quick-drying fabric, so it absorbs sweat and feels breathable throughout the day..


Khaki is considered one of the breathable, durable and adaptable fabrics as well, as it is made of a mixture of cotton and synthetic fibers, so it is lightweight and breathable, so it is preferable to wear it when leaving the house during a period of high temperature.


Chiffon is a lightweight and transparent fabric, it is made of silk or polyester or both, and it is breathable and comfortable, so it is recommended to wear it when going out during the period of high weather temperature.


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