Cotton clothes and a cool mint drink.. Important tips when going out in the heat wave

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The Meteorological Authority expected a rise in temperature tomorrow and a heat wave affecting the country during the coming days, which would cause severe sweating, especially when walking in the street, going to work, or even when exercising, and to deal with tomorrow’s weather, we review in this report, tips that must be Follow it when leaving the house in the morning, according to the website “healthline“.

Tips to follow when leaving the house tomorrow

Cold mint drink

It is preferable to drink a cup of cold mint, which helps moisturize the body and feel refreshed for a while.

Get rid of the feeling of heat

moist meals

It is also recommended to eat foods that contain a high percentage of water, as they help to feel refreshed and provide the body with many nutrients that the body needs, such as melon, watermelon and strawberries, as well as vegetables such as celery and cucumber, or add pieces of ice in a healthy juice..

Dealing with extreme heat
Dealing with extreme heat

loose clothes

It is advised to wear loose, light-colored clothes tomorrow, designed from natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, or silk, which help relieve the feeling of extreme heat.

Get rid of the feeling of heat in the summer
Get rid of the feeling of heat in the summer


Curd works to cool the body as well as improve the metabolism process, and also provides the body with many health benefits because it contains many nutrients, which makes a person feel energetic and energetic.

Download “Umbrella”

One of the tips that must be followed is to wear a hat or carry an umbrella, which should be light in color to help protect against ultraviolet radiation when walking during the day.

Apply sunscreen

It is recommended to apply a little sunscreen, which helps protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation, and to apply the cream every two hours.

Bring a bottle of ice water

It is preferable to take a bottle of ice water to take when leaving the house, or to wash your face to avoid feeling hot during the day.

summer shoes

Lightweight summer shoes should be worn to avoid fungus, blisters, and foot odor that results when the weather gets hot.

Avoid exposure to the sun

When walking in the afternoon, avoid exposure to the sun to avoid feeling too hot.


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