Phobia of happiness.. Do you suffer from it without feeling?

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A person may feel some fear of the unknown and some unexpected and incomprehensible feelings, but it is strange to fear that the person will be happy, and it may be difficult for the person to understand those feelings that he has, from the fear of happiness, because the person with phobia of happiness or “cherophobia” feels Fear of feeling happy and losing everything later, and thinking of the worst scenarios that might happen to a person. To find out about this phobia, you can follow the following report, according to the “”medium“.


What are the symptoms of cherophobia?

An introvert or idealist may suffer from this strange fear. The introverted person prefers to focus on individual activities and may feel afraid of groups. The idealist tends to see happiness as a characteristic of lazy or unproductive people.

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There are some main symptoms of fear of happiness:

– Worrying about a joyful social gathering without any need, such as worrying about a concert or an event.

Reject any opportunities that could lead to a positive change in a person’s life.

Not liking to participate in activities that people find enjoyable.

What is the treatment for fear of happiness:

Cognitive behavioral therapy:

It is to identify negative thoughts that may lead to unhelpful conclusions, in cherophobia, such as a person’s feeling that he does not deserve to feel happy, and behavioral therapy would eliminate those negative thoughts that disrupt the mind and destroy the soul without any benefit.


A person who is afraid of happiness can do relaxation exercises so that he knows that rest is not followed by a negative event, which helps exercises such as calm deep breathing, hypnotic therapy, or even diary writing, which makes him able to overcome his feeling of phobia.

Exposure to happy events:

Exposure to pleasant or happy events can help make the person understand that there is no downside to these positive feelings.

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Phobia of happiness


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