If you have thin lips… easy steps to help you enlarge them

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The lips are like the eyes in their importance in the appearance of facial features, we may see that there is a difference in the shape of the lips from one person to another, and some women may suffer from thin lips when applying lipstick, so “The Seventh Day” reviews during the following lines Easy steps to apply lipstick on thin lips .stylecraze.

Lip drawing steps

​Steps for applying lipstick on thin lips: Exfoliation:

The exfoliation stage is one of the most important stages that contribute to showing the shape of the lips in a good and comfortable way to look, as the exfoliator helps us get rid of dead skin, and get soft lips in an easy and fast way.

Determine the shape of the lips:

Before starting to implement any steps, determine the shape of the lips, so check your lips before applying lipstick, then check if the lower lips are thinner than the upper lips or vice versa. You get equal lips.

lip pencil:

Use a lip pencil to get a suitable shape and make you better control the lips strongly, then draw an arc and a line above the lips and define the corners, but be close to the natural lip line, after completing the upper lips, you should start with the lower lip.

Brush use:

After defining with the pen, draw the lips with the brush in an even manner, and make sure to fill in the previous delineation, taking care to put concealer on the corners.

Draw lips
Draw lips

Draw thin lips
Draw thin lips


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