How to know your hair type and the appropriate way to nourish it..the most important of which is texture

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Many women determine the type of their hair according to the condition in which the hair appears, which may be an emergency situation and not its type. Your hair type can play a big role in the effectiveness of your daily hair care routine. There are many forms of hair, including straight, wavy, curly and zigzag hair, in addition to its greasy, dry and normal texture, so the seventh day reviews everything you may need to know your hair type and how to take care of it, according to As published by the sitefunctionofbeauty“.

types of hair

First: the texture of the hair

Hair texture generally refers to the natural look or pattern of your hair. If you’re not sure which category you belong to, leave your hair product-free and air-dry the next time you wash it. If it dries straight without bending or curling, then it’s done. Your hair is straight, but if your hair dries in a defined curl or ring pattern, you have curly hair, but if your hair dries in loops, it belongs to the wavy hair type.

dry hair
dry hair

Second: the structure of the hair

Hair structure is the thickness of the strands, which can affect how the hair holds different products. Your hair is divided into three categories: fine, medium, coarse, or thick. Soft, loose curls or curly, and you can find out in an easy way, is to take one strand of hairbrush and place it on a normal flat surface. , it means that your hair is thin; If it looks thicker, it’s probably rough, and anything in between will be medium.

dry hair
dry hair

Third: the porosity of the hair

Porosity refers to the ability of your hair to absorb moisture and products, and this can be known in one easy way, which is to put one hair in a bowl of water, if the hair sinks to the bottom, this means that it has high porosity, which means that it absorbs all the moisture, and if the hair remains under If the hair is floating above the surface of the water, then your hair has low porosity, which means it does not absorb moisture easily.


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