Designing a shoe with an engagement ring to be presented at the marriage proposal.. Can you think of buying it for your sweetheart?

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The young man plans well for the moment when he confesses to his beloved his love for her and his desire to marry her, so he searches for romantic ideas to implement for this moment, so he may prefer to confess his love to her when they are in a garden among flowers and the clear sky or in front of the sea, or even surprise her by presenting the wedding ring to her. Her plate of food while they were eating in a restaurant, but what was new, which was invented by an American company specialized in designing rubber summer shoes, is the design of a shoe with a wedding ring for the young man to present to his girlfriend when he confesses his love to her, according to the British newspaper “Metro”.

Shoes with a wedding ring

The company specializing in the design of summer rubber shoes cooperated with a storeJessica Flynn Fine Jewellery based in Sheffield, designs a custom shoe, and its price reaches 1,790 pounds.

The shoe is designed with a half silver ring that contains a green sapphire of 1.10 carats and contains some diamonds that were mixed with it during its manufacture in the laboratory..


And the half of the ring studded with the shoe is removable and the sapphire stone can be changed with silver or any other types of precious stones such as blue sapphires, diamonds, tourmaline and lab-grown diamonds.

a wedding ring
a wedding ring

It can also be swapped into other metals upon request, with a choice of yellow, white or platinum gold in 9, 14 or 18 carats.

A young man who is thinking of proposing marriage to his beloved in a new and creative way can buy shoes, choose a ring that he thinks his beloved loves and presents it to her as a gift when he proposes to marry her.


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