A study reveals the countries that consume the most calories, including two Arab countries

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Many countries around the world are famous for fatty, high-calorie foods, which many people prefer and travel to the country famous for in order to eat them, and for this reason, scientists from Oxford University revealed through OurWorldInDatafor a list of countries that are considered the highest consumers of calories in the world, according to the website of the British newspaper, “Metro”.

High calorie consumption

Data collected by Oxford University scientists indicated that the country of Bahrain is the highest consumer of calories in the world, and the research, which was compiled using United Nations statistics, showed that people in Bahrain consume more than 4,000 calories per day on average, which is twice the average calories NHS recommended daily calories for women.


The data was based on total food purchased per household on average for each country, and the United States came second, with the average American consuming 3,868 calories each day..

High calories
High calories

Britain came No. 25 on the list, with Britons eating 3,423 calories a day. The top ten countries are largely made up of European countries, with Ireland coming in third, followed by Belgium, Turkey, Austria, Germany and Italy..

Qatar ranked 9th in the top ten list, followed by Romania and the Central African Republic at 185th, with people consuming only 1,642 calories per day..

A number of African countries were placed low, with Zimbabwe, Rwanda and Liberia among the bottom 15 countries..

The report indicated that the countries at the lower end of the list faced long-term geopolitical problems that affected their food consumption and food supplies, for example the Central African Republic, which has been suffering from civil war since 2012.


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